Happy Diwali 2016 Speech for School Kids in English/Hindi- Essay 3

Sunday, October 30, 2016 When we say Diwali 2016 competition is returning terribly soon that means currently time to play with Crackers, Sweets, Rangoli etc. But at same time when you reaches the varsity then you discover virtually completely different environment where Diwali is well known in different manner like by organizing Essay Competition, Speech/Topic on Diwali, Painting/Rangoli competition etc. between the students of numerous categories. And if you've got conjointly participated in Speech competition on Diwali, and finding best speech topic then you have to browse the complete article where you’ll get precise and meaningful speech on same competition.

Happy Diwali 2016 Speech

Happy Diwali 2016 Speech

Diwali is one among the non secular and oldest festivals of Hindu cultural and is celebrated with nice enthusiasm and happiness. During times of yore, it is celebrated in numerous manner in which peoples enhance their houses with Rangoli and throughout the night they burn the candle of Ghee in each and each corner of home till next morning. Because Diwali Came on Full Moon Night, that is one in all the dangerous night of whole year, in that soul of devil’s will alive and these candle can protects them.

But in the later nineteenth Century, the definition of Diwali has been totally changed by the trendy technology. Today, Candles of Ghee has been replaced with electronic and electrical light-weight that is cheaper, easily offered in market and increase the glow of homes.

Celebration of Diwali: Earlier period vs modern Times

In times of yore peoples celebrates Diwali pageant terribly straightforward like in the morning they cleaned their homes later in the evening initially they worship the Gods and in night they dinner along with family and eat some sweet dishes which is created solely for Diwali in homes.

But nowadays Diwali means that explosion of heavy crackers and fancy artificial sweets which are made from chemicals. Therefore each Cracker and Artificial Sweets will cause hurt to setting and human body respectively. So this Diwali we tend to take a pledge to avoid high cracker as a lot of as we will and we will eat solely sweet dishes which you'll be able to simply make in the house with no chemical.

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